Smart phones typically use assisted GPS technology to improve the accuracy of your location. Your phone's primary method of discovering it's location is it's GPS antenna. This relies on being able to reach GPS satellites in space to calculate its position. However, GPS alone often requires unobstructed access, meaning that when your phone is in your pocket, you're in a building etc this signal becomes harder to penetrate and reach the number of satellites needed to pin-point your location. This is where assisted GPS comes in. Assisted GPS uses data from your wireless connection (if connected) and your mobile phone signal to improve the chances of your location being accurately found.

However, in the event of GPS itself not being able to connect to any satellites, this technology actually works against buzzzie. In the event that the primary GPS fails to connect, then assisted GPS may place you at the location of the mobile phone signal mast your device is connected to. This could be several meters away from your actual location.

To combat this buzzzie allows you to override your location by holding over the map pin drop allowing you to relocate the map position to your actual location.

If you want to turn off assisted GPS on Android:

  1. Go into Settings
  2. FInd Location Access
  3. Under Location Services choose Google Location Accuracy
  4. Turn off Improve Location Accuracy

For iOS users it is not possible to turn off enhanced location services: