The team at buzzzie understands all too well the concerns people have about sharing their data with others, especially companies. There has been a lot of negative press, and rightly so surrounding the unscrupulous use of personal data by technology companies. This practice is tarnishing our industry and it needs to STOP!

We at buzzzie, aim to begin the task of rebuilding trust in technology companies by setting new standards and principles of how we treat and use our customer's data. After all without your trust, we simply would not exist as an app or business. 

From the beginning, buzzzie has been built on the basic principle that our customers must control what data is used and shared amongst other users and with us. We want to ensure that you remain in control and fully aware about how this is used through our systems.

Primary Principles

  • Customer Control - Our customers control what data is shared with their buzzzies. We "turn off" by default. Meaning that we do not suggest or control a minimum data sharing configuration in our system. When signing up, all sharing is turned off by default, and the power to choose what data is shared with other buzzzies is passed to you. 
  • Customer Prerogative - Our customers should be free to change their mind about what data is shared with other buzzzies whenever they see fit. Therefore, all changes take effect immediately
  • Data Access  -  The team at buzzzie are not permitted raw access to your data held within our databases. We admit that we may look at your data in order to determine if our platform is functioning correctly and to help us with developing our product road map. However, in order to gain access to this data, the request must be logged with a detailed description of the purpose and intent. This must be approved by two buzzzie senior management and a time limited access token is provided to the requestor to the specific data being requested. A request can only originate internally from an employee of buzzzie and the data is not permitted to be saved to local or removable disk and the access must be made by the requestor at our premises only. Remote access is not permitted.
  • Partner Data Sharing - We DO NOT share, sell your data with ANYONE, NO EXCEPTION! Your data is safe in our hands

We take this so seriously, that any breach to the terms of our data access process is considered Gross Misconduct and will lead to the instant dismissal and possible prosecution of the employee involved!

We will never use your data in a manner that is not consistent with our software's functional use