When a Subject calls for help using buzzzie, buzzzie calculates which assistant is closest to the Subject.

When an alert arrives, buzzzie will enter emergency mode. The Assistant will be required to perform an action. This will be either to accept or reject the alert offer. During this alert time all other functionality in buzzzie will be suspended for the Assistant until a decision is made, or the alert time expires.

The alert time is the amount of time buzzzie gives an Assistant to accept or reject the alert. This is set to 30 seconds. If there has been no response in this time, the alert will expire and be re-routed to the next closest Assistant.

Any Assistants ignoring the alert or ones who do not receive an alert due to another accepting it will not know about the Subject’s emergency. No missed alert or ongoing emergency alert notifications are sent to the Assistants that ignore or are not offered the alert by buzzzie.

When the Assistant accepts the alert, they will then be presented with the alert management dashboard. Here the Assistant will see a map of the last known location of the Subject, a calling button that will launch the phone’s built-in call function, an ICE button so that the Assistant can view the Subject’s emergency information (subject to permission being granted) and the buzzzie button for quick fire messages to the Subject e.g. “Don’t panic Mary, I am on my way”.

During this time, the Subject is able to see the Assistant’s current location and buzzzie provides the Subject with an ETA based on travel data as well as the Assistant’s name.

The Subject is able to cancel the emergency at any time.