Buzzzie has what is known as a “buzzzie button”. This is available to every helper for every Subject. The buzzzie button is used when the helper wants to quickly reach out to the Subject to check they are well where time constraints or the purpose does not warrant a full conversation.

The buzzzie button allows the helper to send a quick fire short question message to the Subject by choosing from a number of pre-canned messages such as “Hi, Just checking you are OK?” or “Hi, I haven’t seen you online for a while, just checking in to see if you are OK?” etc.

The helper can also choose to send a custom one-time message using the buzzzie button. This message is limited to 100 characters.

When received by the Subject, the Subject can quickly respond with one click “Yes” button from the notification and buzzzie will report that response back to the Helper. The Subject can alternatively choose from a number of pre-canned responses or create their own one-time response, again limited to 100 characters.

These messages are one-time fire messages. They do not form a threaded conversation, nor is their intention to replace other apps with more advanced chat capabilities. The buzzzie button is simply a quick check in function that allows either the Subject or the Helper to quickly get the reassurance they need at that time and can choose to save the full conversation for a more appropriate time.