Buzzzie also integrates with smart home devices. In instances where your smartphone is found in your home, buzzzie uses smart home detection activity to provide a status and status note to a your helpers. If the your phone is not found in that location, the activity from the smart home is discounted.

Currently, buzzzie supports integration with Hive Home smart home devices. At present, motion detection using Hive motion detectors and Hive door sensors is supported.

If buzzzie detects motion within the home using one of these sensors and your phone is at the same location, buzzzie determines the your status as Green, even if your phone has not been used within 2 hours.

Helpers do not see the smart home activity e.g. “Mary is moving in the lounge”, they simply see “Mary is at home” and her status set to Green.


Buzzzie does not support Hive lighting because it cannot distinguish between a manually induced lighting activity, or an automated lighting activity.

Buzzzie does not support the Hive thermostat either due because activity on this device cannot be distinguished between automated and manual intervention.