You are able to create geo-fences within buzzzie. In order to set up the geo-fence you must be physically at the location. These geo-fences can then be labelled by you such as; work; home; gym etc.

Buzzzie uses these geo-fences to send notifications to the your helper(s) when you enter or leave the geo-fenced location.

For example, Mary may set up a geo-fenced location for her home and label it home. When Mary arrives at home, her helper(s) automatically receive a notification that Mary has arrived home.

Helpers do not have to know where your geo-fence is, only that you have entered or exited it. This means that in situations where you wish to refrain from sharing your live location with a particular helper, you can still allow them to see when you are within the geo-fenced location by seeing the label of the geo-fence, not the actual location on a map that can be traced.