As a User you are allowed to share different types of data points as statuses. 

Due to the nature and sensitivity of these data points, you have total control and granularity on which data points to share with each of your helpers.

When setting up buzzzie, you will be prompted to set their default permissions for the app. These permissions allow or deny status updates using the various data points to helpers. Any new helper who adds you to their buzzzie list will automatically inherit these default view permissions.

If you wish to restrict or enhance further a helper’s permissions to your statuses, then you can do so on a helper by helper basis. These are helper level permissions that will override the default permissions set earlier.

If you wish to grant the same level of permissions to multiple helpers, then you can do so by creating a helper group (known in buzzzie as a swarm) and create group level permissions.

Helpers can then be moved into that group and will automatically inherit the group level permissions. Group level permissions will override the user and default level permissions.